How to make fm transmitter easy at home

in this project we learn How to make fm transmitter easy at home without coil using SN74LS13N single ic simple build using few steps with circuit diagram.

How to make fm transmitter easy at home

In this project we learn
homemade fm transmitter without coil
How to make fm transmitter easy at home
how to make fm transmitter easy at home without coil using few steps with circuit diagram. in this project we use simple one ic. if you use this ic you d'not need any coil for adjust signal. in my project its work on 93.5MHz frequency.
For making this project we need some components.

fm transmitter components list
fm transmitter components list


  • SN74LS13N IC
  • IC Base
  • LM7805 Voltage Regulator
  • Mic
  • 22pf Capacitor
  • 103pf Capacitor
  • 104pf Capacitor
  • 4.7k Resistor (2) 
  • PCB Board
  • LED
  • 9V Battery
  • Battery clip
  • Soldering wire
  • Soldering iron (how to make soldering iron)

FM Transmitter Circuit Diagram:

homemade fm transmitter circuit diagram
FM transmitter circuit diagram
In this project we use SN74LS13N IC. its simple and powerful ic for wireless transmitter circuit. this ic has 14 pin. follow few steps and make easy FM Transmitter circuit.
  • Connect 1,2,4 and 6 number pin with each other.
  • 6 no pin use for antenna.
  • Now Connect 22pf capacitor with 6 and 7 number pin.
  • 104pf capacitor connect with 5 number pin.
  • Connect 4.7k resistor with 14 number pin.
  • Now connect 2nd side of 104pf and 4.7k resistor with each other.
  • Connect mic with ground wire and 4.7k resistor. like circuit diagram
  • Now Connect 2nd 4.7k resistor and LED with positive and negative wires.
  • Connect 103pf resistor with positive and negative wire.
  • Now Connect voltage regulator 3rd pin with positive, 2nd pin with ground wire.
  • Connect 9v power supply with 1st pin of voltage regulator and ground wire.
we learn it more batter with watching video.

Video of How to Build FM Transmitter :

Its very simple low power short range FM transmitter circuit. that broadcast our voice into a FM Radioyou can also connect audio device (like MP3 Player, mobile, ) for input audio using headphone jack. Normally the broadcast frequency work between 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz. in my case its work on 93.5 MHz.

Some basic Questions.

What is FM Transmitter?

The FM transmitter is a simple device that converts audio sound ( like your voice, audio player sound,) into a radio signal. You can get your sound or signal form FM radio to set same frequency.

Range of FM Transmitter:

its range round about 100 meter to 200 meter.

How to Increase Range?

You can increase range using FM Signal Booster.

What is SN74LS13N?

  • It is a simple 14 pin IC.
  • Its use for signal functions.
  • it is work on 4.75v to 5.25v maximum.
  • It has 4 input line and 1 output line.
  • output current 0.4mA to 8mA max.

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