How to make 12v power supply easy at home

learn how to make 12v power supply easy at home using LM7812 voltage regulator and transformer. easy steps with the help of video and circuit diagram.

How to make 12v power supply easy at home

In this project we learn how to make 12v power supply easy at home or how do i convert 230v into 12v DC using few simple steps with circuit diagram. for making this project we need some components.

Components Required for making 12v Adapter:

  • LM7812 Voltage Regulator
  • Heat Sink
  • 50v 1000uf (Capacitor)
  • LED
  • 1K Resistor
  • 1N4007 (4 Diodes)
  • 12-0-12 (12v/1 Ampere Transformer)
  • PCB Board
  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Wire
In this project we use LM7812 voltage regulator. main function of voltage regulator is give us exactly 12v output.
We use diode bridge because its convert AC volt to DC volt.

12v power supply circuit diagram
12v power supply circuit diagram

Make 12v Power Supply Circuit Diagram:

  • Take 4 Diodes and make a bridge, like diagram.
  • Connect transformer output with diode, like diagram.
  • Now connect 1000uf capacitor positive wire connect with positive wire and negative side connect with ground wire.
  • and now connect 1k resistor and LED with positive and negative wire.
  • Now voltage regulator 1st pin connect with positive wire 2nd pin connect with ground wire and 3rd pin use for output.
  • Voltage regulator 2nd (- 12v) and 3rd (+12) pin use for output power supply.
  • Finally connect Heat Sink with voltage regulator.
LM7812 pin out diagram
LM7812 Voltage Regulator

LM7812 Voltage Regulator Pin out:

LM7812 voltage regulator has 3 pin.
  • 1st Input
  • 2nd Ground
  • 3rd Output
main function of voltage regulator its provide exactly 12v output.
for example if input is 20v and i want exactly 12v output then i use LM7812.
Learn more with watching video

Video of how to make 12v Power Adapter:

Some basic Question and Answers:

Why use Diode bridge?

Because we are making DC power supply and  transformer provide us AC power so we use diode bridge for ac to dc converter. we can also use voltage rectifier. both works are same. if you cannot find voltage rectifier then you can use diode bridge.

Why use transformer?

because our requirement is input voltage 220 volt and output voltage 12v. and transformer convert 220 volt power into 12v. Here basic purpose of the transformer is, its reduce power in 220v to 12v.

what is the meaning of 12-0-12 Transformer?

12-0-12 transformer mean 12v two outputs. Middle wire is a neutral wire or negative wire. 1st and 3rd wire is a positive wire. both are provided us 12v output.if we leave middle wire and only use 1st and 3rd wire then its provide us 24v output.

Why use LM7812 voltage regulator?

because we want stable 12v output. and LM7812 voltage regulator provide us stable 12v output. for example if we use input 24v then voltage regulator convert it into perfect 12v output.

Why use Capacitor?

when we convert ac to dc using diode its drop negative loop and voltage come in pieces. so we use capacitor. its store voltage for some seconds and provide output in state and one way.

How many use input voltage?

Normally you can use 220v to 250v input voltage. if your transformer support 150 volt then you can also use 150v input power.

Can we use transformer for DC supply?

Yes transformer is the main part of power supply. we also use transformer. and additional components we use diode bridge for ac to dc converter. only transformer cannot provide us dc supply. we must use other components for convert it in DC power.

How is AC current converted to DC?

Using voltage rectifier or diode bridge we can convert AC current into DC. normal ac current come in 2 loops. upper and lower. ( that's called AC.) when we use voltage rectifier or diode its drop lower loop and pass only upper loops. then we get DC power.

Is DC transformer possible?

No because transformer work in AC power its cannot pas DC power. for example we want to input 230v and 12v dc output using only transformer. so its not possible. transformer only convert 230v AC to 12v AC. if you want to convert it in DC then you need to attach more components.

What it the meaning of AC and DC?

AC mean or AC stand for Alternative Current. and DC stand for Direct Current.

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