How to make mobile charger easy at home

learn how to make mobile charger easy at home using LM7805 ic and transformer with the help of few simple steps, video and circuit diagram.

How to make mobile charger easy at home

In this project we learn how to make mobile charger easy at home. its very useful easy and homemade electronic project. for making this project we need some components.

  • 9v 1 amp Transformer
  • LM7805 Voltage Regulator
  • Heat sink
  • 25v 1000uf capacitor
  • 1N4007 Diode (4)
  • 1K, 1/4W Resistor (what is resistor)
  • LED
  • USB Female Connector
  • PCB Board
  • Soldering Iron (how to make soldering iron)
  • Soldering Wire
In this project we use LM7805 voltage regulator. its perfect for our project. transformer use for convert 250 volt to 9 volt. you can use 9 volt to 24 volt any transformer. because voltage regulator provide us fix 5 volt output. 

How to make mobile charger circuit:

how to make mobile charger circuit diagram
circuit diagram of mobile charger
Simple follow circuit diagram that very help us to understand that how to make a phone charger.  for making smart cell phone charger follow few instructions.

  • Take 9 volt and 1 ampere transformer. input side use for direct 220 volt power.
  • take 4 diodes and make a diode bridge. like diagram. 
  • now connect 2 side with output transformer like circuit diagram.
  • and now connect 25 volt 1000uf capacitor with other two sides of diode like circuit diagram. 
  • now connect 1 K resistor and LED with positive and negative output wires. like diagram.
  • LM7805 voltage regulator has 3 pins. 
  • 1st is input, 2nd ground, and 3rd is output. 
  • connect input wire with positive wire that come from diode. (or connect input wire with positive side of capacitor.) 
  • now connect ground wire with negative wire that come from diode bridge. like diagram.
  • connect 3rd pin with 1st side of USB Female pin. 
  • and connect negative wire with 2nd side of USB female pin.
we learn it more batter with watching video.

Video of how to make smart phone charger : 

In conclusion its very easy, powerful, long life homemade portable phone charger project. using this circuit you can charger Nokia, Samsung, iPhone, Apple, Microsoft, LG, HTC, Huawei, Sony, Lenovo, Oppo and all companies mobile.

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